22 March 2022

Informal Meeting of Developing Countries on Trade, Environment, and Sustainable Development

TESS hosted an informal discussion among developing country delegates on topics at the intersection of trade, environment, and sustainable development in the WTO content at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

These discussions were an outcome of an informal meeting held in early February 2022, where a number of developing country delegates shared ideas on priorities for 2022 on environment, trade, and sustainable development in the multilateral setting. The participants agreed that a regular series of informal meetings with a thematic focus would be of value to developing country delegations. This current invitation includes a number of further delegates that have expressed an interest in engagement on these topics.

The discussions held on 9 and 22 March were on the specific themes/topics noted below, which were noted as relevant to upcoming Informal Dialogue on Plastics Pollution (Dialogue) and the Trade and Environmental Sustainability Structured Discussions (TESSD) meetings, and as having cross-cutting relevance to discussions in the context of the Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE) and a range of other regular bodies at the WTO.

  • March 9: Climate and trade; access to environmental technologies; circular economy
  • March 22: Environmental goods and services; environmentally harmful subsidies; sustainable agriculture
  • 27 April: Sustainable agriculture, and upcoming CTE, Dialogue, and TESSD meetings at the WTO

The invitation to these discussions were shared with a diversity of delegates from developing country members that had expressed interests in following discussions on these topics at the WTO, irrespective of whether or not they are cosponsors of the Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform, the Dialogue, or the TESSD initiatives. The discussions took place off-the-record in line with the Chatham House rule.