TESS is subject to the Geneva Graduate Institute’s governance and oversight mechanisms, as well as its financial administration, human resources, and oversight systems.

The legal identity of TESS is as a project of the Geneva Graduate Institute, meaning that all contracts, financial reports, and audits are produced by the institute. To complement the institute’s internal accountability structures, a TESS Steering Committee was established to review annual reports and the strategic work programme and to provide guidance on priorities, institutional development, and funding strategies. The committee is comprised of one representative each from the Geneva Graduate Institute and UNEP, and five actors from different backgrounds actively involved in international trade, environment, and sustainable development communities. The Steering Committee is of critical value to shaping our work through substantive advice and input. At the Geneva Graduate Institute, TESS is housed at the Geneva Trade Platform.


TESS is a non-profit initiative.

TESS is financed through a combination of grants and in-kind contributions from government and philanthropic donors as well as contractual arrangements to support the implementation of joint projects. TESS is independent and does not advocate on behalf of any specific government or stakeholders.