Publication - Policy Brief

11 April 2022

Trade and Environment at the World Trade Organization: State of Play and Entry Points

The interface between trade and environmental policies is one of the critical challenges in global economic governance and has been a subject of debate for the last 50 years. The multilateral trading system offers a range of entry points for governments to address the intersection of trade, environment, and sustainable development.

This policy brief provides an update on the trade and environment interface from a WTO governance perspective. It presents an overview of the different institutional fora, functions, and processes where this interface is or can be addressed.

WTO Bodies and Processes Where Trade and Environment Issues are Discussed

By providing a space for multilateral cooperation, the World Trade Organization is an important venue for deliberations and action in support of sustainable trade.

The authors

Recommended citation: Bellmann, C., Deere Birkbeck, C., Kettunen, M., & Sugathan, M. (2022). Trade and environment at the World Trade Organization: State of play and entry points. Forum on Trade, Environment, & the SDGs (TESS).