19 May 2022

Informal Discussion on Deforestation Free Products

TESS co-hosted an informal dialogue on the EU deforestation free products initiative and its implications on developing countries, with a special focus on impacts on smallholder producers and MSMEs.

The discussion brought together experts from Brazil, Cameroon and Indonesia, International Trade Centre (ITC), European think tank community and the European Parliament.

The Meeting Aimed to

  • Serve as an opportunity for stakeholders, including the invited experts from developing countries, to receive an informal update from the European Parliament on the status of the EU proposal, including foreseen Forest Partnerships between the EU and relevant trade partners.
  • Provide expert input on the potential implications of the EU proposal, including impacts on the land use and production of different agricultural commodities in developing countries, and responses to the EU proposal from different stakeholder groups.
  • Identify key aspects of the proposal that, from developing country and sustainable development perspectives, merit further consideration.

The dialogue, held under the Chatham House rules, took place in the context of the Green Trade Network coordinated by the Institute for European Environmental Policy. Insights shared at the meeting originated from the GCRF UKRI Trade, Development & the Environment Hub initiative and ITC Roundtables on “Deforestation-free Global Value Chains."

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