Publication: Policy paper

Trade and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Latin America: A Framework for International Cooperation


By Lorena Palomo Parada

Latin America’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions has been historically small, with a relatively low emissions intensity compared to other regions. All countries have ratified the Paris Agreement and submitted their first round of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Most countries have also updated their NDCs, taking on more ambitious commitments.

This policy paper examines the various climate mitigation and adaptation commitments and efforts of Latin America in prioritized areas (agriculture and livestock, mining, electromobility, innovation in new technologies and processes, and circular economy). It discusses the linkages between climate measures and trade and how international cooperation on trade and trade-related policies could support these efforts. The author then identifies a set of policy priorities and recommendations.

The publication is part of a series of policy papers commissioned by TESS with partners on Regional perspectives on trade, climate change, and sustainable development, which includes papers on Africa, the Caribbean, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the broader category of least developed countries. Each paper has been prepared by experts and institutions from the region and seeks to highlight regional perspectives and priorities on the role of international trade cooperation in supporting climate mitigation and adaptation and climate-resilient sustainable development.

While many discussions are now taking place on trade and climate change at the WTO and in a range of other international settings, most are dominated by concerns, policies, and proposals from more advanced economies. In an effort to spur a more inclusive dialogue, the series supports the bottom-up identification and formulation of developing country perspectives and priorities on trade and climate change adaptation and mitigation including how to advance them at the regional and multilateral levels.

You can download a presentation by Lorena Palomo at a regional consultation on this topic hosted by TESS and ECLAC. A video of a working session on regional perspectives on trade and climate change co-hosted by TESS and regional partners at the 2022 WTO Public Forum is also available.

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