Publication: Briefing note

Securing a Just and Inclusive Global Green Economy Through Trade Policy


by Nicolas Lockhart, Dominic Coppens, Katherine Connolly & Stella Perantakou

We are witnessing a wave of green regulation as countries increasingly adopt trade-related environmental measures to tackle the climate crisis and protect biodiversity. At the World Trade Organization (WTO), countries are debating how trade policy can best contribute to addressing these environmental concerns. This note provides ideas for that debate. It sets forth a vision for the green transition; rules and principles for the design of trade-related environmental measures; and a diagnostic exercise for the development of data-driven trade policy.

The briefing note is part of a series of expert contributions curated by TESS designed to inform and enrich dialogue on trade, environment, and sustainable development, with a focus on advancing multilateral cooperation and action. The views expressed in TESS briefing notes are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of TESS or of any of the partner organizations or funders of TESS.

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