TESS hosts the Secretariat of the Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate.

In the face of the escalating pace and devastating impact of the climate crisis on our economies, societies, and environments, and the urgent need for climate change mitigation and adaptation in line with the UNFCCC, the Paris Agreement, and the Sustainable Development Goals, the Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate was launched in January 2023.

Co-led by the Trade Ministers of Ecuador, the European Union, Kenya, and New Zealand, the Coalition grew from a recognition that international trade can and must make a positive contribution to driving down greenhouse gas emissions, and enable a just transition to climate neutral, resilient, and sustainable economies by mid-century.

Together, the members of the Coalition recognize their unique position as trade ministers to drive a positive trade contribution to the global climate agenda and the need for high-level political dialogue.

Underlining the need for inclusive international cooperation on the nexus of trade, climate, and sustainable development, the Coalition brings together over 60 trade ministers from a diversity of countries from different regions at varying levels of development, climate vulnerabilities, and trade circumstances.

For information on the Coalition's principles, priorities, and membership visit:


TESS was nominated to act as the Secretariat of the Coalition in February 2024. The Secretariat tasks include those entrusted in the Coalition co-lead contact points to ensure the efficient functioning of the Coalition and are executed under the guidance of the co-leads for the duration of their term.

To contact the Coalition: info@tradeministersonclimate.org

To stay up to date, follow the Coalition on X: @trademinclimate