24 February 2022

WTO Ministerial Statement on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform

TESS hosted an informal discussion with experts from IGOs, academia, and NGOs as well as a number of delegations with a shared commitment to advance on the WTO Ministerial Statement on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform.

The meeting began with an introduction from James Lester, the trade and environment lead at the Permanent Mission of New Zealand to the WTO, who shared an update on the state of play and his reflections on possible priorities and ways forward.

The Purpose of the Meeting Was to

  • take stock of the state of play on the Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform (FFSR) Ministerial Statement and possible next steps, as well as related developments in the Trade and Environmental Sustainability Structured Discussions;
  • review developments in the wider international policy landscape and their relevance to FFSR discussions at the WTO (including at COP26, G7, G20, UN & OECD activities related to FFSR, the ACCTS negotiations & the Global Subsidies Initiative);
  • discuss strategies and priorities for broadening engagement and building understandings at the WTO, including by addressing challenges and concerns expressed by developing countries;
  • exchange information on ongoing or planned activities and research by experts and stakeholders that can inform work on FFSR at the WTO.

This meeting was held under Chatham House rules