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19 April 2024

TESS Launches Series of Ambassadors' Roundtables on Trade and Sustainability

On 18 April 2024, TESS hosted the first in a series of Ambassadors’ Roundtables on Trade and Sustainability envisaged for 2024.

The aim of these roundtables is to bring together a diverse group of ambassadors in an informal and off-the-record setting to reflect on the state of play at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the nexus of trade, environment, and sustainable development, and share views on priorities and opportunities for enhanced cooperation at the WTO.

Throughout the series, ambassadors will be asked, as leaders in the multilateral trading system, to discuss how members can foster inclusive cooperation and action on trade and sustainability at the WTO? Where are the opportunities to shape positive agendas, both on substance and process? And what will be required and what they can do collectively to put these opportunities into play?

This first in the series of roundtables was an opportunity for ambassadors to provide guidance on priority themes for future roundtables.

TESS at the World Trade Organization

This work is part of our initiative supporting inclusive cooperation on trade, environment, and sustainable development at the WTO.