Senior Editor and Publications Manager

Fabrice Lehmann is Senior Editor and Publications Manager at the Forum on Trade, Environment & the SDGs (TESS). He also works as senior editorial and communications advisor to international organizations and institutions, including the International Trade Centre (ITC). Fabrice has published many publications on sustainable development and international economic relations both as a writer and editor. He is the co-editor (with Jean-Pierre Lehmann) of Peace and prosperity through world trade (Cambridge University Press, 2011), lead writer of New realities: Business dynamics at the frontiers of globalization (IMD, 2015), and editor of The 15 Initiative: Strengthening the global trade and investment system in the 21st century (ICTSD and World Economic Forum, 2016). Fabrice holds an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He enjoys reading literature and is an eager triathlete, cyclist, and ski mountaineer.

Selected Publications 


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