13 February 2024

Stakeholder Roundtable on Climate, Trade, and Sustainable Development

Seizing the opportunity that many colleagues will be in Abu Dhabi for MC13, TESS is bringing together a broad range of experts and stakeholders working on the climate-trade-sustainable development interface for this informal roundtable.

The roundtable aims to offer an informal opportunity for a diverse group of experts to exchange views on priorities and ways forward for inclusive international cooperation on trade and trade policies to support the global climate agenda, fair transitions, and climate-resilient development. We propose an informal exchange around three questions:

  1. What do you view as three top policy priorities on the climate and trade agenda in 2024?
  2. Where and how can the multilateral trading system best contribute?
  3. How to foster the inclusive cooperation needed for ambitious and fair action on the nexus of climate, trade & sustainable development?

Given the context of MC13, the conversation will focus primarily on priorities and opportunities in the WTO setting, but broader reflections are welcome as well.

Participants will provide 1-2 minute interventions on one of these questions, highlighting key issues.