12 November 2023

INC-3 Side Event - Rethinking the Future of Single-Use Plastics

TESS participated in this informal pre-event to the 3rd session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-3), to discuss trade and development aspects of plastic pollution mitigation measures, non-plastics substitutes, and plastics alternatives.

The event informally gathered a number of stakeholders, including national authorities, international organizations, and private sector representatives, to discuss how proposed control measures on plastic pollution on the INC instrument draft zero text can be best used to assist a more responsible and efficient plastic system, as well as simultaneously promote safe and sustainable non-plastic substitutes and alternatives. The event also discussed related financing and social impact aspects. Concrete innovative and project examples were presented based on the SMEP Programme portfolio, with exhibits demonstrating alternative materials for fishing, upcycling of plastics and the use of data to improve waste collection.


Multilateral Trade System Presentation:

  • UNCTAD - Global Plastics Statistics.
  • UNCTAD - Measures to control, prevent, mitigate plastic pollution in production, trade, and consumption.
  • UNCTAD - Non-plastic substitutes and plastic alternatives.
  • WTO - The Dialogue on Plastic Pollution process and WTO MC13 outcomes.
  • TESS - Connecting the dots between INC and WTO processes to end plastic pollution.

Regional and Sectoral Approaches:

  • ALN - Presentation on SUP Draft Bill and working at regional level to harmonize laws EAC / important legal aspects of implementing plastics use restrictions.
  • World Bank - Regional waste trades protocols in the ASEAN region.
  • FAO - Agricultural mulch film and the Voluntary Code of Conduct.

In collaboration with

Global Plastics Treaty Negotiations

This work is part of our initiative promoting international cooperation on trade to support the global plastics treaty negotiations.