Publication - Briefing Note

23 April 2024

Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development at MC13: A Review of Ministerial Declarations, Decisions, and Statements

At the Thirteenth WTO Ministerial Conference (MC13), many members affirmed they are ready to engage and cooperate on sustainability and trade. There is considerable momentum in this regard that can be built upon.

This document compiles examples of how and where World Trade Organization (WTO) members addressed issues of environment, climate, and sustainable development in ministerial declarations, decisions, and statements by members at MC13.

The review is intended to be extensive but also illustrative. It does not claim to be exhaustive in capturing all mentions of the array of environment issues or sustainable development considerations that may have arisen in the range of statements made and documents issued by ministers at MC13.

The compilation will serve as a useful reference point for governments and stakeholders seeking to advance inclusive cooperation at the WTO on trade and sustainability.

TESS at the World Trade Organization

This work is part of our initiative supporting inclusive cooperation on trade, environment, and sustainable development at the WTO.