Informal dialogue on plastic pollution & environmentally sustainable plastics trade


The Forum on Trade, Environment, and the SDGs (TESS) participates as a stakeholder in the “Informal Dialogue on Plastic Pollution & Environmentally Sustainable Plastics Trade.”

In advance of the first Informal Dialogue on Plastic Pollution & Environmentally Sustainable Plastics Trade (IDP) meetings for 2022, TESS convened an informal meeting among IDP stakeholders. This provided an informal opportunity for the co-coordinators of the IDP to update stakeholders on the proposed work-plan for 2022; for stakeholders to offer suggestions on the IDP’s implementation of the Ministerial Statement issued in December 2021; and to exchange information on policy developments and ongoing activities that are relevant to the work of the IDP.

TESS provided presentations at the IDP meeting of 18 March on both Aid for Trade for plastic pollution and possible amendments to the WCO’s Harmonised System that could support trade policy efforts to reduce plastic pollution.

The TESS presentation on 30 March ‘How Trade and trade policies can contribute to tackling plastic pollution – our work ahead’ is available below and here.

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