How we work

  • Connect

    Improve inclusivity, collaboration and constructive engagement in conversations on trade, environment and sustainable development.

  • Inform

    Better inform stakeholder by facilitating access to relevant, fact-based, trustworthy, information in accessible formats.

  • Incubate

    Support solutions-oriented solutions and introduction of new ideas into policy-oriented discussions.

  • Empower

    Better equip stakeholders and build capacities.

TESS aims to catalyse policy action across the trade, environment and sustainable development communities through a versatile, needs-driven and outcome-focused toolbox of activities.

Mandated to ‘connect, inform, analyse and empower’, the work of TESS will combine activities to convene, broker, curate and build capacity.

Drawing on the expertise, experience and networks of a small core team, TESS aims to work through and catalyse partnerships, with the explicit goal of adding value to, connecting and supporting existing efforts.

The work of TESS will be implemented through a range of potential partnerships – ranging from core, strategic and knowledge partnerships as well as partnerships on specific projects or series of events.

TESS is independent of, and not advocate for, the specific policy positions of any government or stakeholders, nor does it join specific campaigns or advocacy coalitions

The TESS Toolbox

  • Convene

    TESS facilitates meetings in a range of formats, wherever possible in partnership with others. TESS meetings may be large and open, or small, intimate and off-the-record, calibrated to the particular requirements flowing from the objective and participants. Meetings may focus on improving public awareness of critical policy issues or facilitating greater engagement by diverse stakeholders. They may also include informal trust building or honest exchange exercises; expert roundtables or high-level discussions among decision-makers; or more formal working groups with clearly defined target outcomes.

  • Broker

    TESS works to serve as a bridge between Geneva-based stakeholders and those beyond Geneva. TESS actively liaises and and advises to help connect intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), governments, stakeholders and academics in and beyond Geneva to relevant actors and policy-relevant information resources, and to enable and catalyse cooperation.

  • Curate

    TESS produces policy briefings in accessible formats to inform dialogues, roundtables or intergovernmental meetings, with a focus on helping policymakers keep abreast of the diversity of policy reports, analyses, perspectives on key topics. TESS seeks to curate, profile and amplify research by others. It supports collective brainstorming on policy-relevant research agendas and lessons learned.

  • Build capacity

    TESS works with partners to address capacity gaps through: (i) regular information-sharing and that briefings can enhance the ability of those working outside the multilateral setting to track and engage in ongoing policy discussions, and (ii) efforts to connect developing country stakeholders to potential project partners and policymaking processes.

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